Friday, February 15, 2013

BOB Books 8-11 Set 1

We're back!  And Rockabye Butterfly is catching up!

Here are Rockabye's next FREE Bob Book printables in the first collection, from our
Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Book 8 - Muff and Ruff


Book 9 - 10 Cut-Ups


Book 10 - Peg and Ted

Book 11 - Lad and the Fat Cat

Here are our How-To posts on the previous books:

Book 7 - Jig and Mag

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For the last book's printables in the Set 1 series, go to BOB Books- The Vet Book 12 post.

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  1. ok, I had stumbled upon your blog by happenstance today and I am blown away by your creativity!


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