Thursday, February 28, 2013

Following Instructions Printables

My Following Instructions post was a big hit last year and it still is (thank you)!
I decided to make some FREE printables that require the same focus, following instructions on worksheets!

Read each instruction on this page, the child follows each sentence to complete something different in all nine boxes.

Printing practice is always good, but it's also finding the rhyming words and drawing instructions!

 These two sets have printing practice, a bit of colouring, finding the rhyming words, cutting and gluing.  It's following instructions and then following the sentence to make the picture as it says.

You can download these for FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

To see the hands-on activities from the first Following Instructions post, click HERE.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clover Sewing and Gluing!

St. Patrick's Day is coming up!  
We've been working on a couple of Clover activities!

Using an idea from here, I decided to let Butterfly sew some more.  She's been practising with her Sewing Basket so I figure let's try it with the real thing and make a felt clover!

First I drew out a clover pattern on the green felt using a paper cut out I quickly made.

I cut out two clovers.

Then I put together some green embroidery floss with an embroidery needle.

I taught Butterfly a basic stitch to sew around the clover.

Once one leaf was left, we got some of our left over roving wool and filled the clover up.

Butterfly stuffed it all up,

and then we sewed the rest closed with a green ribbon inside the stitches to be able to hang the clover up!

Another Shamrock craft we enjoyed was with another lucky four-leaf clover, cut out of green paper,

and glue and some of our left over green sand from the Rangolis we had made.

Butterfly made a glue pattern on her shamrock,

and then sprinkled her green craft sand over the glue with a spoon.

When she was done, we lifted it up and all the excess sand fell off.  Working on a craft tray makes messy crafts so much easier to clean up!

There we have a cute shamrock craft with a patterned texture!

 Stay tuned for more St. Patrick's Day ideas to come!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Larsen Toy Lab Review

We had the privilege to review Larsen Toy Lab's Building Bridges Block set!
They sent us this beautiful set of blocks with our blog name engraved on it.

Courtney and Alex Larsen are a brother and sister team that say, "Our idea is simple – to build a company around blocks. Throughout generations wood blocks have cultivated problem solving, critical thinking, and social skills. Quite simply, blocks are one of the most educational and inherently creative toys available. We’ve added to these values by blending a story, game or a puzzle into each of our sets!"
I like that they are bringing back the original passion for blocks in children play.


 Each block is handmade, hand sanded, and beveled for safety and good quality, using natural wood from local family foresters and natural beeswax stain.  Their box packaging is used by a local printer who uses wind energy.  I like that this is a very green friendly organic safe product.

 The set we received is a "Toys with a Story" set.  It comes with a story book called "Building Bridges" which both Courtney and Alex illustrated and wrote themselves.

As I read the book to Butterfly, she copied the structure pictures in the book with the block set.  I love this for spacial concepts and 3D puzzling thinking skills.

 I wrote back to Alex asking why they didn't provide all the blocks to match some of the structure pictures in the book.  We found we couldn't complete a couple of pages because we didn't have all the blocks it showed.  Alex wrote back with this:
  • We didn't want the book to seem like an 'instruction manual' because otherwise it would take away from the story
  • We think a little struggle is good - once they see that they can't copy that exact image they need to think about how else that object could be designed differently or better with the blocks 
  • By seeing the 3D models next to the illustrations we were hoping kids would take that into their own worlds and improve their modeling skills (see something around the house, out of the window while in the car, or on the TV and model it with blocks)
Butterfly did get creative and was able to use other pieces to complete her structures.
I also like the last point Alex points out.  The illustrated picture on the left side of the page matches what to build on the right side of the page, which gets children thinking about how to build anything they see in their world out of shapes and blocks.

I love the Clean-up Helper they have inside of the box as well!

A clear diagram inside the box cover shows how to put away the blocks in three levels so they can be stored neatly once again.

I love this product, and think this would make great gifts to family members and friends too!  I love anything that brings children back to the basics that maximizes their thinking and problem solving skills with hands-on building activities.

Right now Larsen Toy Lab is having a Grand Opening Special!
15% off on all items with Free name engraving and Free limited edition block.
Just use the code 15GRAND at Larsen Toy Lab.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

BOB Books- The Vet


Set 1, Book 12, The Vet

 Here's Rockabye Butterfly's free printable set for the BOB book The Vet!  CLICK HERE


The first pages of the printables are practising writing the words found in the book The Vet, the child can write the word twice and then try to write the word themselves on the provided line.  There is word match up pages- draw a line from the left side list to the right side list to match up the words.  There is also a word search with the book's words, and colouring pages that have the beginning sounds found in the beginning of the book.

 Click Here for all of Rockabye Butterfly's Free BOB Book Printables.

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Stayed tuned for the first book Fun in the Sun Printables in the Bob Books Set 2 to come!

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