Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!  Here's what we've been up to!
Butterfly and I having been learning about Rangolis.  They are so beautiful!
It's a lovely art made like round patterned mandalas, on the grounds during Diwali by Hindus in India.  Buddhist monks work on intricate rangolis which teaches patience and perserevence, and because this kind of art work cannot be kept, (it is swept up afterwards as it's rice, or flour, sand, or flower petals on the floor) it teaches letting go and having no attachments, living in the moment.
Butterfly and I decided to try making rangolis on a mirror on the floor, which also teaches reflection!

We bought some Coloured Craft Sand and had a go creating a few.  We used baggies with a little hole cut in the corner for the sand to trail out.

Then we swept it up and tried another.  Butterfly didn't like her work always being cleaned up, she wanted to keep at least one rangoli.

So I found a canvas and some tacky glue and we got to work on making one for keeps!

Ta-da!  A sand rangoli to keep!

Another thing that has been keeping us busy, is knitting!  Gosh, I love You Tube tutorials!  To all those out there that take the time to make tutorials on anything and everything and post them on You Tube- Thank you!!!  So nice that we can learn anything we want from the use of our computer in our own living room.  Butterfly's knitting is Loom Knitting, the method is like corking, so she's been keeping busy on a Loom Knitting project, while I knit.

I've accomplished a cowl/circle scarf, a kids' sized scarf for Butterfly,

a coat for Butterfly's kitty because she was getting too cold this winter, says Butterfly :)  This kitty coat was done on one of our Looms.

and a Cup Cozy!

Check out what we made for all of Butterfly's cousins to enjoy at our family Christmas:

A fruit tree! and a ton of Cake Pops!


  1. Beautiful! Love the knitting as well :) I want to learn as well :)

  2. Wow, Rangolis are really beautiful and the philosophy behind them. Thanks for the information.


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