Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Snow in the Summer!!!

Snow in the summer?  For real?

In our house, Oh yeah baby!

Back in the middle of the winter, Butterfly wanted to save snow and had filled a freezer bag full of it.  I found it today in our freezer and decided to bring it out for Butterfly and her friends!  What a fun sensory experience on a hot day!

It was a snowball fight in August!!!

These are the fun things that make childhoods happy and memories stick!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shiney Art

Butterfly loves having her friends over to play, so I put together some "Shiney Art" for them to do together!  Browsing through my Pinterest's Art Projects gives me so many more ideas!

First I gathered some Sharpie Markers!

I used some old CDs and Foam Sheets to make fish with the use of my hot glue gun.  I used two CDs back to to back and we glued on some googley eyes.

The girls then used the Sharpies to colour both sides of their fish to decorate them.

I added a string on top so they could hang their Rainbow Fish.

Our Rainbow Fish made out of old CDs!

A really great book to go with this Rainbow Fish craft is:

Our next shiney art project is foil taped to a piece of cardboard.

We used the Sharpies again to draw a picture on the foil, which was magically fun when drawing with a faint reflection!

Those are our Shiney Crafts!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Camping We Will Go!

A Camping we will go
A Camping we will go
Hi Ho the dairy-o
A Camping we will go!

Butterfly wants to go camping, so I set up a pretend campground for her and her friends!

We pitched a tent in the playroom,

and added some pillows and blankets inside!

 Pack a backpack and some luggage,

and don't forget the sunglasses and cameras!

I made a pretend bomb-fire and some marshmallow toasters (cotton balls at the end of sticks).

The bomb-fire is made out of paper tubes and coloured tissue paper.

We even added a forest scene on the easel in the playroom!

Binoculars made out of paper tubes and hot pink duct tape, ready to be decorated with butterfly stickers for Butterfly and her friends- perfect for "bird watching" while camping!

Stories about camping completes the play day!

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