Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Felted Homemade Gift Ideas

Do you love felting or want to try it?  Here are some easy felting crafts that we have worked on for holiday gift ideas.  Materials needed for Felting are:  Roving Wool, Wool Felt, Felting Needles, Foam felting pad.

Here's what we have worked on:

Felt Soap

Felt ornaments using cookie cutters
 Felt Baby Necklace

I got this great idea of felted soap from HERE. "Hand Felted Soap can be useful for anyone, it’s an exfoliating wash cloth and bar of soap in one!  Natural wool fibers are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  The wool fibers cover a bar of soap to extend the life of the soap."

I set out a wooden placemat, bars of soap, and lots of Wool colours!

We wrapped the bar with wool, and added all sorts of colours on and around it.  Then using hot water and some dish soap, we got it wet and soapy and worked the wool around the bar in our hands and on the wooden bar placement to get the wool to stick around the bar.

When the wool felt tight and firm around the bar, we rinsed out the soap, and ran it under cold water to firm it up, and then let them to dry!  (For more instructions click here.) When they were dry, we tied ribbons on ours and added it to gifts we are giving.

To make wool ornaments for the tree, we used our Christmas cookie cutters.

Fill the cutter with wool and needle it all together on the foam pad.

Until you can take it out and it's all together in it's shape!

We made a snowman too.

And added on some cute details with more of our coloured wool.

We sewed a string through for hanging.  It looks beautiful and soft on the Christmas tree!

This is a pocket felt baby necklace.  A great gift idea for children as you can tell a story with it of where their pocket baby came from.

I made one for Butterfly, telling her that the Sun saw she needed some day-to-day help, so the Sun sent down a Sun Baby, whose name is Shine.  When Shine came down she found a pocket leaf to rest in.  Butterfly can wear Shine around her neck, and anytime during her day if she needs help to calm her body, she can take Shine out of her leaf pocket and rub her heart.  I told Butterfly that by rubbing Shine's heart it can help her feel more love and calmness and help her to make good decisions.

I wet felted a white ball of wool for the head (like the soap felting, hot water and dish soap), and I also needle felted and then wet felted the yellow body around the head.  I needle felted the heart on top.  I used some wool felt for the green heart leaf and sewed a little pocket, then added string on it for a necklace.

Butterfly loves her gift from the sun and wears her sun baby around all the time to help her.  :)

These are some sweet gift ideas for the holidays.  Homemade, natural, an old fashion feel, makes these more precious of a treasure to receive.


  1. I really want to learn to do this! The things you made are SO neat!

  2. Gorgeous and healthy. Lovely post. Pinning it. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.


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