Sunday, December 9, 2012

BOB Books- Jig and Mag

We've completed the seventh Bob Book in the first collection!

Here are my  "Jig and Mag" printables!

 Butterfly got to work and practised writing the book's words.

We refreshed with the beginning sounds listed in the front of Jig and Mag.

A word search to get to know the words even more.

A worksheet on the "_ig" family, finding the rhyming words and writing them on the printed lines.

And more practise with how a period and question mark work.

Click Here for all of Rockabye Butterfly's BOB Books Free Printables.

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  1. Pinning these to my early reading board - thanks very much!

  2. Love these worksheets! Thank you so much for sharing them. Are you going past book 7 or stopping here?


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