Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Pancakes

I'm always inspired with Jenni Price's Pancake Art, she's fabulous at what she can do!!

I had a go at it twice last year, when I made Rainbow Pancakes and Shamrocks

Of course my try at it is only amateurish, but I'd thought I'd make a fun Christmas snack for Butterfly this week.  I made some Christmas pancakes!

I used a basic pancake batter recipe to make the batter from scratch and then divided the batter into three bowls, and coloured them with some food colouring.

I poured the batter into squeeze bottles.  These can be found at the dollar stores, Jenni gets hers at Walmart in the kitchen aisle for only a dollar each.  These bottles are so useful and versatile, we've used them for Snow Painting as well!

On a very low temperature buttered frying pan I drew the outline of a Santa hat here.  The walls of the picture start to cook which will hold in the middle liquid.  So after a few seconds of the outline firming up, I filled in the hat and the liquid batter stays in the shape.

When it gets bubbly, I flip it to cook the other side, it doesn't take very long at all, and voila! Santa hat pancake!

I made a Christmas tree.

And candy canes, which were Butterfly's favourite.

What I like about this recipe is that we didn't need to use syrup with this snack with the hint of sugar it had in it.  When it cooled, we just picked it up like a soft cookie and ate it!

I created a holly, by making all the pieces separately and then putting the holly together on the plate.

I made Rudolph the reindeer for my hubby!  He got a candy cane pancake too :)

I was getting to the end of the bottles and my family finally said they were full from the snack, so I used up the rest of colours to make a giant rainbow pancake for me!!  Yum!

Notice the bubbles in the second picture of the giant rainbow pancake, this is when I flipped the pancake to the cook the top side.  When the bubbles pop through, it's time to flip!

This is a nice breakfast idea for Christmas morning for the family! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

A School Day

I've had quite a few readers' emails come in asking what a regular "school day" is for us.  This is hard to answer as our days have much variety and are never the same (this is what we love about homeschooling)!  We attend many fun events with homeschooling friends and have extra curricular classes, have friends over, go to friend's houses, and attend educational field trips.  But when we are at home, we do pull out book work and school activities from our school room (pictures of our school room on our Instagram).  There's always lots to do with what we have at home, I never have a guideline or timeline (although we did have a schedule when working with the Letter of the Week.)  The way I homeschool, especially for a kindergarten age, is to have all the materials on hand, offer them, set up an encouraging environment for Butterfly to explore and learn, and really just follow her.  If she doesn't want to do book work, we won't.  If she is in an artsy mood we'll go with that.  Today, I brought out things we could do and she was in the mood for a formal school day, we got lots done and later had a couple of friends over to join us!

We started off the morning with a story.  I am in love with Barefoot Books since the Waldorf fair so Butterfly chose one of our new books.  We read the next story in our book of Buddhist Tales.  (I'm all about having a wide range of cultural learning available.)

I love Mighty Mind.  Butterfly is working her way through all the cards.  It's an award winning puzzle set that encourages visual and spatial relationships.  Butterfly used all the shapes in the bubble to make the outline house shown on the card.

 Next Butterfly worked in her Complete Early Skills, Grade K work book, which covers all the subjects her grade level needs.

We did a story in our R.E.A.D. Gr K-1 book, which have short stories with reading comprehension activities.

I wanted Butterfly to practice another puzzle since she doesn't tend to pick these out of her toy shelves on her own unless she has someone to play them with.  I love the Ravensburger puzzles.  This one comes with two puzzles in one.

Butterfly and her friends had fun with this Christmas craft.  I have a box of plain coloured tree ornaments so we thought we'd jazz them up!

With Sharpie markers, foam shape stickers, and diamond stickers!

The girls got creative with their ornaments.

They definitely love lots of bling bling!

The girls all did a couple of pages in our Kumon Let's Fold! book.

A great activity book to practice folding on the dotted lines!

We read Madeline's Christmas before our afternoon quiet time.

I brought out a Math activity in the afternoon using our Three Bear Family Counter Set and the Three Bears Family Pattern Cards.

Lots of pattern fun to be had!  Butterfly likes to also sort the bears in their family sets.  A big blue bear, medium blue bear, and small blue bear together, ect.

 Butterfly loves to play with her Moon Dough Barnyard for a creative sensory activity.
  Have you every felt Moon Dough?  It's so soft, you can mold it into shapes and it holds it's shape.  The barn is cute because you fill the animal molds at the top of the barn, turn the crank and complete animals roll out the front door! so cute!

So that is basically a school day we have at home.  Lots of school activities but also lots of play activities.
And this is my latest project, a new little pocket baby necklace is born!  You might remember me making one for Butterfly , this new pocket baby is for my niece!  So many friends and readers are telling me to open up an Etsy shop for all the latest Felting projects I've been enjoying.  I am thinking about doing this in the near future when time is on my side :)


One more week until Christmas! *gasp!*  Do you need some more Christmas craft and activity ideas to fill the last week?  Click HERE for all of Rockabye Butterfly's past posts on Christmas! And even check out my Pinterest Christmas board!

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