Friday, November 30, 2012

Electrokite Review

We had the privilege of reviewing some of Electrokite's apps for kids!
We played The Alphabet Game Deluxe!

It has lots of items to press and hear the words for each letter to reinforce the beginning letter sounds.

There is also a Trace section where the child can pick a colour and practise writing the letters.  Hit the lever and the letter changes to a new one to practise!

This section practises the beginning sound of the picture shown.  Press on the letter the word starts.

A little robot swings down to let the child know to try again or they got it right!

The Play section allows the child to draw something that the letter shown, starts with!
Just press the circle letter to get a new letter!

Here, Butterfly drew a tree for the letter T.  I love how they allow different colours at the side for the child to pick!

Here, Butterfly drew a hat for the Letter H.  :)

And this is an Octopus for Letter O.  :)

They even have a Worksheet Link! Love it!

Another app we played with by Electrokite is Trace Letters.

This one is great to practise letter printing.

By pressing "See it!" they show the child the right way to write the letter, then the child tries it on their own by following the dotted lines.

This is the Left and Right app.  It gives a tip that when you hold your hands up, the side that makes a proper L is the left hand.

It has activities asking the child to put something in the left or right side.

For instance, put the coin in the right piggy bank.

Press the Robot and he tells you the instruction.

Put a scoop of icecream on the cone that's on the right.

They have a great Left and Right action song to learn to as well!

Electrokite has a lot of great learning apps!  Butterfly likes to play these in the grocery cart while I grocery shop, it makes my shopping task easier when she's busy learning!

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