Monday, November 5, 2012

BOB Books- Sam

We have started our first set of Bob Books, last week we did Book 1- Mat, this week we are on to Book 2- Sam!  We've gathered some friends to join our Bob Book Team who are also offering free printables, we'll be going through the books together and posting ever Monday the next book with the next printables!

These are the new printables I made for Butterfly to build on the new words in Sam and also practise the same words from Mat.

Printing practise, matching the words, a word search, and colouring pages of the beginning sounds that are introduced in the book.

These next printables are from Walking By The Way.  Circling beginning sounds, a Roll and Read game...

... Build The Words sheet with which we used our Bananagrams.

3 Dinosaurs made a Read, Write & Stamp worksheet, we used letter stickers with it.  Butterfly loved using her Bingo Dabber with the Word Path sheets.

And there's a great decoding words activity using pictures and beginning sounds!

In Lieu of Preschool's printables has a cut and paste Word Sort, Butterfly sorted words that started with S and words that don't start with S...

... and cut out letters to form the words from the book.

Along with cut out words to form the sentences from the book!

Butterfly also completed the Word climb, using clues to write the answer.

We use our Leap Frog Fridge Magnets to practise spelling our new words as well.

There's some great BOB Book apps as well.

This one we've been using Butterfly gets to spell the words from the books, and each level it gets harder and more challenging to remember how to spell the word.  It's fabulous practise!

Next Monday will be BOB Book 3- Dot, with more printables to share!

Click Here for Rockabye Butterfly's BOB Books Free Printables.

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 We will be posting together every Monday as we go through the books together with our children!

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  1. My older son used the Bob books when he started reading. Thanks for linking up to The Children's Bookshelf.

  2. We have that BOB Books app on our iPad too. Thanks for sharing with the Afterschool Linkup!

  3. You have such great ideas. Thank you for providing resources for us to try. I'm always looking for fun early reading activities for my kids.

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm getting my daughter started with Pre-K & Kindergarten at home and this is perfect. Thank you SO much! :)

  5. OK, We downloaded the Sam downloads, and my son had a BLAST completing them. Thanks so much! I was wondering where the "Build The Words" page for the Same book was?? I feel like I have searched everywhere on your site, and the other sites you listed as well. We already have bananagrams and I know my son would also love that sheet as well. Am I missing something?

  6. Oops! I feel silly, I found it right after I wrote that response. Feel free to delete!

    1. Where did you find it? You aren't silly...I can't either lol

    2. It's right here:

  7. super-fabulous beginner reader resource! thanks!

  8. Thank you for all these! I especially love the Bananagrams idea - just pinned it :-)

  9. Great ideas!!! Thank you for publishing these!


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