Monday, November 19, 2012

BOB Books- Mac

We are on to the fourth Bob Book in the first collection!
We've completed Mat, Sam and Dot.  Now we are on to Mac!


 Here are the printables in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, that I have made for Butterfly to work on Mac with!

Tracing and writing the words from the book, matching words, word search, and colouring the beginning sound from the book.

I added a special part at the end, because there are four rhyming words in the book Mac, I made an activity to do with the "-ag" family.  Finding all the -ag words and then writing them on the printing lines.

We worked on 3Dinosaurs' printables for the book Mac as well.

Word Paths that we like to use with a Bingo dabber, and Read,Write & Stamp pages which we like to use with our letter stickers.

And decoding the book's words using a picture key with beginning sounds.

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 We will be posting together every Monday as we go through the books together with our children!

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