Monday, November 26, 2012

BOB Books- Dot and Mit

We've completed the fifth Bob Book in the first collection!

Here is Butterfly working on "Dot and Mit" printables!  
This is a photo I took using my Instagram!

Here is some of the work that are in this week's printables I've made,

and here is the work from our blogging friend's printables as well (which are listed and linked at bottom of this post.)

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Visit more BOB Book Blogger's posts and their free printables:
 We will be posting together every Monday as we go through the books together with our children!

In Lieu of Preschool
3 Dinosaurs

Royal Baloo

Walking By The Way

This Reading Mama

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Next Monday will be BOB Book number 6- Dot and the Dog, with more printables to share!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! If you have an iPhone/iPad, I'd love to get your feedback on our Bob Books reading apps:

    1. Sure! I would love to Maggie. send me an email :)


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