Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Introduction To Time

Our homeschool group spent some time learning about Time, just introducing the concept of a clock to our kindergartners.

This paper plate idea is a great craft and learning tool.

We refreshed the kids on a basic counting by fives activity as this concept is needed for telling time with the minute hand.

We got out our teaching clocks and taught the hours and half hours only at this point, and we showed them that the hour hand is shorter and the minute hand is longer and how they work. We talked about how a clock works and touched on "clockwise" the direction the hands move in and the term "counterclockwise".

We also have this awesome From Time To Time game from Discovery Toys.
This is a great tool for teaching time!

There's a wipe-off side to the clock for drawing on the time, learning the time in digital and clock format cards, they basically cover it all in this set!

On How To Run A Homedaycare site, she crafted a giant floor clock for her kids to really learn how a clock works and feels with their whole body! Great activity ideas there.


 Here's another great paper plate time idea I found on Pinterest when crafting your own learning clock tool:

Telling time

Here is a little list of Time Worksheets and Printables that have helped us out to practise the concept of time!

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  1. Thank you for this very thorough post about ways to explore time with preschool age children. I thought you might be interested in one more free printable. On my website, I offer a free printable Time Picture Dictionary (along with many other picture dictionaries)


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