Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Felting and Sewing Basket!

I have done quite a few Felting projects this year as we have been Waldorf inspired lately, so this  
October Nature Table Post is going to be a great project for Butterfly's felt collection!

I used some white wool as the base of the pumpkin and formed it into a ball.

I got out my felting materials: my  Foam Pad and Felting Needle and Roving Sheeps Wool.

 I wrapped around orange felt and needle felted it down.

I felted in pumpkin lines to make it more realistic!

And I added on a brown stem and a green leaf and curly vines.

Butterfly insisted it has a face, so I used some more of my dark brown wool and felted in triangle eyes and a nose!

While I was felting the pumpkin, Butterfly wanted to do some hand work too.  So I put together this cute Sewing Basket for her!

I put some Melissa and Doug Lacing Cards in it for sewing the shoe lace from hole to hole around the animal.

 Butterfly got to pick out the colour of yarn she wanted from the yarn store, and I included Children's Plastic Yarn Needles and a pair of scissors.

I cut a piece of needlepoint canvas into a heart, and Butterfly went nuts just sewing whichever way she wanted up and down through the holes as great practise.  Abstract art! :)

I saw this idea from here, drew lines on more needlepoint canvas for Butterfly to follow in a straight line for more concentrated work.

I found this idea and was glad to have an old wire rack. I got a bunch of ribbons and pipe cleaners together.

This is perfect to practise weaving!

This was another way to have some more hand work for Butterfly.

Butterfly felt important having special hand work projects, and I felt good because she was using concentration, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and strengthening her hands for writing work.


  1. What a great idea! Off to pin it. Have a wonderful day.

  2. The pumpkin is so cute... I can see doing this around a foam ball to make a cute pincushion, too.

  3. This was on today's (10/19/12) online mag: "Opening a Can of Bookworms" :

  4. Beautiful Ideas! Saw this on Montessori Monday at Living Montessori Now!


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