Friday, October 26, 2012

Poetry and Rhyming Words

Our Homeschooling Club has been working on a new school theme: Poetry, Learning Rhyming Words.
I saw Counting Coconuts' posts on Poetry Baskets and have been meaning to set that up for Butterfly.  So I did, calling them Poetry Trays!

There are red dots under each word in the poem to use with the "Seeing Eye Stick" (popsicle stick with a glued googley eye).  The idea is to read each word and pick out the rhyming words, talking about how rhyming words sound the same!  There are props on the tray, objects that are in the poem, to make what was read more concrete and hands on.

I would say the trays were a success!  Butterfly has done these many times over now with me.

I brought out our Rhyming File Folder Games.

I printed out rhyming pictures and glued them inside the file folders.  Then I taped strings to one side of a row of pictures, and folded sticky velcro strips on the ends with the matching velcro on the other row of pictures.  Then Butterfly finds a rhyming pair and matches them up with the string.  Kind of like a worksheet where you'd draw a line to the answer when given two rows.

This is something we have come back to more than once, as it's reusable, it's a great rhyming practise activity.

There are lots of great free rhyming printable worksheets HERE.

I brought out lots of poetry books for the group to read.  I picked out a couple of basic simple "AABB" nursery rhymes, we read them out loud and clapped our hands on the last word of each line, emphasizing the words that rhymed with each other.

Also nursery rhymes are great to work on memorization and presentation.  Butterfly has worked on memorizing a few poems off by heart and whoever will listen- friends, family- she'll recite her newly memorized poems to them!

The next thing I knew, after extensive work on this unit, Butterfly was making up her own poems!  She remembered words that rhymed and put them together orally into her own poems!


  1. I'm taking notes here - my sidekick loves all things rhyming and the little girl around the same age that I care for could use some practice too!
    Also, can you tell me where to find that first poem? It's beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing the great ideas!

    1. Here you go:

  2. This post is GREAT! My 3 year old has been asking about poems a lot lately.

  3. Thanks for this fabulous idea, can't wait to use it in my classroom!

  4. Great poetry activities ... and I LOVE your poetry trays! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and added your link to my Montessori-Inspired Poetry Activities post at


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