Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Workboxes

I have put together some fun Halloween/ Pumpkin activities in our Workbox system for Butterfly to use this week.

In our first drawer I have Mighty Mind.  This is a great activity using shapes and math concepts.  We are working our way up in the tangram like cards.

In drawer number two we have Confessions' Sight Word pumpkin worksheets.  We are just starting to dabble in sight words, so I thought these sheets would be another great introduction, and also focus on practising hand writing.

In the next drawer, two sweet stories for this holdiday.
The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat and Franklin's Pumpkin.

In this drawer we have a note saying Sensory Box and the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin file folder game.

My girl still loves sensory experiences, I want to keep her a Kinder for as long as she wants to be a kindergartner.  So I pulled out our soya bean bin and added in our Silicone Pumpkin Baking Cups that I used in our Pumpkin Muffin Tin Lunch with three different sizes and types of scoops/spoons.  Butterfly loves scooping and pouring and measuring, great activity for eye hand coordination.

Here is our Life Cycle of a Pumpkin file folder game.

In this drawer I have a fun bat craft, as Butterfly loves to do crafts.  I included a bat headband to wear while she crafts her bat!

In the next drawer there are lots of Halloween worksheets.

I picked out two Halloween themed sequences from our 6 Scene Sequencing Cards box.

A set of cards of a boy putting on a clown costume and makeup, and a set of a girl cutting a jack o lantern.  I will mix up the cards and have Butterfly put them in order from first step to last step, which is a great activity for storytelling skills and for learning the concepts "first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth."

I have orange finger paint in the next drawer.

I drew a large pumpkin on a piece of finger paint paper.  Butterfly loves to get her hands dirty so she will have fun covering a whole pumpkin orange with her hands.

In the last drawer is a Glow in the Dark Beads set for Butterfly to make necklaces/ bracelets to wear in the dark!

These are our fun Halloween workboxes for school time this week.  In addition, we are starting a new theme in our Kinder Homeschool group, which I will be posting about this week.  Plus Butterfly is involved in a few classes again this Fall that has been keeping her busy- Gymnastics, Ballet, and Karate.  We have also been dabbling in Kindergarten Workbooks for Math, Phonics, Letter and Printing work.  Her Letter Of The Week Program has given her a great foundation to reach the next steps, but I am always following her pace in learning and interests which I believe is a productive way for new information to stick and for the process of learning to be enjoyed!


  1. I love this! I never really noticed your Workboxes till now. It's nice for older children to explore when they're bored.

  2. I love that you use the drawers to store all of your activities. I used to set out trays on shelves but we just don't have the space for that anymore. Stacked drawers is perfect! (Now why didn't I think of that?)


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