Friday, September 14, 2012

The Baby Doves are here!

In our previous blog post, we talked about the Mourning Doves that made a home in our front porch, as they nested in our hanging flower pot.  I'm proud to announce that our two Squabs have hatched and they are under a week old now!  I wanted to post a few of the zoomed in photos I got of them!

 The mama and papa are still taking their shifts and there's always a parent with the squabs.  They practically sit on them, keeping them warm and cozy.  The babies are fed with Crop Milk, which will soon be whole seeds that the parents collect in their crops (throat area) and then regurgitate into the baby's beaks.

 What's amazing this week is that I see them moving in the flower pot from my front window, but as soon as we step foot out on the porch, they freeze.  The babies close their eyes, get down low and freeze when we open our front door.  They just instinctively know something is near by and to remain still.  I wonder if this will change next week when they are bigger and more active.

We are loving our live Science Nature project! The birds are becoming apart of our family :)

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