Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shiney Art

Butterfly loves having her friends over to play, so I put together some "Shiney Art" for them to do together!  Browsing through my Pinterest's Art Projects gives me so many more ideas!

First I gathered some Sharpie Markers!

I used some old CDs and Foam Sheets to make fish with the use of my hot glue gun.  I used two CDs back to to back and we glued on some googley eyes.

The girls then used the Sharpies to colour both sides of their fish to decorate them.

I added a string on top so they could hang their Rainbow Fish.

Our Rainbow Fish made out of old CDs!

A really great book to go with this Rainbow Fish craft is:

Our next shiney art project is foil taped to a piece of cardboard.

We used the Sharpies again to draw a picture on the foil, which was magically fun when drawing with a faint reflection!

Those are our Shiney Crafts!

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