Sunday, July 29, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace Experiment

It's that time of year for these pretty flowers to be growing everywhere.  They are weeds but they are pretty lacy weeds, almost like Baby's Breath flowers.  They are called Queen Anne's Lace flowers.  I saw this idea from The Chocolate Muffin Tree last year and have been wanting to do this type of experiment with Butterfly.

We went out to the field and picked a bouquet of them, then made 4 glasses of coloured water.

We made an orange with red and yellow food colouring, a blue, a purple with red and blue colouring, and a green.

We put our flowers in each of them and left them over night.

The next day Butterfly notices the flowers have changed colour from their white.  We talk about how plants "drink" water through their stems bringing the water up to their flowers, and because it's coloured water it brings colour to the flowers!

The green and blue colours worked the healthiest for the flowers, but the orange and purple who had red food colouring in them wilted and dried out the flowers much faster.

Which brings into question on how safe red colouring really is.  We learned a lot in our curious search online about what "Red 40 Food Dye" has done, that we are now careful not to eat foods with this in it.  The red food colouring in our experiment actually killed the Queen Anne Lace Flowers that were in it!

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