Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Felted Princess

I am having so much fun with my new hobby, FELTING!!

I just finished another project, a special one for Butterfly, as all these felting projects are for her to play with!  Butterfly loves princesses, she loves Rapunzel's looooong hair, she needs all princesses to wear crowns and tiaras, she loves poofy ball gowns, her favourite colours are Pink and Purple, and she loves flowers.  So I took all her favourite things, and made a pretty felted princess for her!

My inspiration is from  Finding Fairy Doors.

 Here's how I made my first felted doll.
I made the body frame with a small styrofoam ball, and pipe cleaners.

I shaped the pipe cleaners into two triangles, and then with arms.  I then stuffed the body with plain roving sheep's wool.

Using my  Foam Pad and Felting Needle, I felted in the wool just a little bit inside the pipe cleaner frame and I rolled the same sheep's wool around the head and needle felted it into the styrofoam head.  I also folded the ends of the pipe cleaner arms in a bit to make hands and rolled wool around the arms and hands and needled a bit of that together.

I felted on the top of the princess' outfit with purple and some pink.

 Then I wrapped more plain roving wool around the bottom of the ball gown and felted that together to hide the pipe cleaners and start it's shape.

 I then added the pink and purple over top to make the poofy ball gown.

 Then comes that long flowy Rapunzel hair that every princess should have according to Butterfly ;)

I just took some yellow wool and felted that into the head.

I then made the crown.  I took a piece of pink wool felt sheet and needled in some diamond shapes with loose yellow roving wool pieces.

I sewed the crown together to make it's round shape.

 I used more yellow wool on top of her head inside of her crown, which makes it look like a hair bun, to secure the crown on.  I just needled it all on to each other and to the head.

 I cleaned up the hair by needling some of it together and the ends together.
This princess definitely has clean lines.

I added a bouquet of flowers in her hands with more roving wool and pieces of the pink wool felt.

 She is so soft and such a cute doll!  Butterfly has introduced her to her Unicorns and Fairies already!

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  1. Beautiful! Butterfly talked about it all day yesterday while she was over hehe



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