Sunday, July 29, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace Experiment

It's that time of year for these pretty flowers to be growing everywhere.  They are weeds but they are pretty lacy weeds, almost like Baby's Breath flowers.  They are called Queen Anne's Lace flowers.  I saw this idea from The Chocolate Muffin Tree last year and have been wanting to do this type of experiment with Butterfly.

We went out to the field and picked a bouquet of them, then made 4 glasses of coloured water.

We made an orange with red and yellow food colouring, a blue, a purple with red and blue colouring, and a green.

We put our flowers in each of them and left them over night.

The next day Butterfly notices the flowers have changed colour from their white.  We talk about how plants "drink" water through their stems bringing the water up to their flowers, and because it's coloured water it brings colour to the flowers!

The green and blue colours worked the healthiest for the flowers, but the orange and purple who had red food colouring in them wilted and dried out the flowers much faster.

Which brings into question on how safe red colouring really is.  We learned a lot in our curious search online about what "Red 40 Food Dye" has done, that we are now careful not to eat foods with this in it.  The red food colouring in our experiment actually killed the Queen Anne Lace Flowers that were in it!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bow and Arrow

We've recently seen the movie Brave in theatres.
Butterfly loves any super hero that are girls!  When Butterfly likes something, she usually starts to act it out in her imaginary play.  So we watched her pretending to shoot a bow and arrow like Merida on the movie.  We decided to make her own by stopping at a woody area and bringing lots of sticks home.


We gathered our materials and Butterfly's Daddy started whittling on the front porch.  We felt so country-ish! hehe.

We made the wood smooth and attached some twine to a bent c-shaped thick branch to make a bow, and we made a bit of a point on the arrows, enough to stay safe with.

And now Butterfly can be "Brave"!

She had me get out her horse, in which she started calling "Angus" like in the movie.

I made a quiver to hold her arrows with a canvas bag.

She slung her bow around her shoulder like Merida, and off she went on her adventure, shooting arrows at targets and pretending to ride through the forest.

I love my girl's imagination, it's so rich!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Stars and Felt

Our love for Waldorf things has brought in a lot of crafting options into our home, especially for me!  Butterfly is loving all the new felt toys she is getting.

Loved GardenMama's checkerboard star tutorial for this one.  The light shining through the Kite Paper makes the patterns appear!

I decided to design my own star, without following a tutorial this time, and I came up with this one!

The patterns the light shows is beautiful!

Here is our school room's window, all decorated with window stars!

I've been felting some more for Butterfly's play collection.  Check out these cute little birdies.

I made three, Butterfly shared them with her backyard friends as friendship birds :)

We like the heart wings!

This bird is beautiful with it's fluffy feathery like tail!

Butterfly wanted a bunny for her collection too, so I came up with this one on my own.

It's cute and fluffy!

I love it's paws!

If you're into felting, and you post your work, show me what you've done, I would love to see other's felting projects and share more ideas!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mud Pies!

It's a hot day here today!
Butterfly and I talked about how some animals, like hippos, elephants, rhinos, pigs, even deer, stay cool in hot weather... they use MUD!  So we set up a Mud Station!

Gather mud pie making supplies, and the most important ingredients- a bucket of dirt and a bucket of water!

I brought out a muffin pan, pans from the recycling box, measuring cup, stirring spoons and whisk, some empty jars, buckets and shovels,

things to decorate mud pie cakes with- rocks, gem stones, bottle caps, sticks,

and lots of popsicle sticks and straws.

Mud Station is ready!

Let child loose!

What a great sensory experience to have in the backyard, while creating and exploring!

Here is Butterfly's "birthday cake", all decorated,

and with birthday candles!

Now watch child play for a long happy time!

And invite a neighbourhood friend over to join in the fun!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Felted Princess

I am having so much fun with my new hobby, FELTING!!

I just finished another project, a special one for Butterfly, as all these felting projects are for her to play with!  Butterfly loves princesses, she loves Rapunzel's looooong hair, she needs all princesses to wear crowns and tiaras, she loves poofy ball gowns, her favourite colours are Pink and Purple, and she loves flowers.  So I took all her favourite things, and made a pretty felted princess for her!

My inspiration is from  Finding Fairy Doors.

 Here's how I made my first felted doll.
I made the body frame with a small styrofoam ball, and pipe cleaners.

I shaped the pipe cleaners into two triangles, and then with arms.  I then stuffed the body with plain roving sheep's wool.

Using my  Foam Pad and Felting Needle, I felted in the wool just a little bit inside the pipe cleaner frame and I rolled the same sheep's wool around the head and needle felted it into the styrofoam head.  I also folded the ends of the pipe cleaner arms in a bit to make hands and rolled wool around the arms and hands and needled a bit of that together.

I felted on the top of the princess' outfit with purple and some pink.

 Then I wrapped more plain roving wool around the bottom of the ball gown and felted that together to hide the pipe cleaners and start it's shape.

 I then added the pink and purple over top to make the poofy ball gown.

 Then comes that long flowy Rapunzel hair that every princess should have according to Butterfly ;)

I just took some yellow wool and felted that into the head.

I then made the crown.  I took a piece of pink wool felt sheet and needled in some diamond shapes with loose yellow roving wool pieces.

I sewed the crown together to make it's round shape.

 I used more yellow wool on top of her head inside of her crown, which makes it look like a hair bun, to secure the crown on.  I just needled it all on to each other and to the head.

 I cleaned up the hair by needling some of it together and the ends together.
This princess definitely has clean lines.

I added a bouquet of flowers in her hands with more roving wool and pieces of the pink wool felt.

 She is so soft and such a cute doll!  Butterfly has introduced her to her Unicorns and Fairies already!

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