Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wonderful Waldorf World

Butterfly and I have been enjoying the beautiful Spring and now Summer weather!

Another enjoyment we've been lavishing ourselves in are Waldorf-inspired activities!
I've always loved the Waldorf approach and try to incorporate it in our home.
Here's what we've been doing:

We keep a Pure Beeswax Candle on our dinner table now, in which we light during our family meals.

In the past we've had fun with bees wax, we now have Stockmar Modeling Beeswax to play with, it uses a lot more finger strength when warming up the wax, and then it's soft and pliable to shape into anything, like playing with clay or playdough.

I followed this tutorial from GardenMama, using Kite Paper, we origami-ed many diamonds...

...which turned into a beautiful Window Star!

Using this basic pattern I went further and made more kinds of stars.

Here's what they look like on the window in the sunlight!

Butterfly's favourites are the rainbow stars, my favourite is the white one!

I made a giant summer craft box.  A box we can go to all summer long to make our Fairies and Peg Dolls!

I bought some Wooden Clothespins and some Wooden Pegs for the bodies.  Then basically went around the house and school room and collected craft materials that would help bring these fairies alive!  Like silk flower petals and fake flowers, different colours of yarn, coloured roving wool, different colours of felt and wool felts, patterned material, tule, lots of different kinds of ribbons, feathers, coloured string and threads, pine cones, walnuts, sticks, pipe cleaners, gems, little butterflies and birds, fake leaves and vines, twine, confetti, and a hot glue gun and scissors!  Butterfly loves designing outfits so this activity has been her glory!  Fairies, gnomes, little nature peg people emerge from her creativity!  Butterfly designs and I hot glue it all down.

This one is a princess and a prince.

This pine cone gnome will be perfect for our Fall nature table.

I've also been trying some Needle Felting with Roving Sheeps Wool.
 One of my projects was this cute Sheep Wool Needle Felting Kit.  I made Butterfly a new lamb.  She has been very attached to this lamb and this lamb plays often with her new fairies and forest peg people!

I also needle felted a little lady bug friend for the lamb.
I used a Foam Pad and Felting Needles, a definite Mommy project since the needles are sharp.

But a felt project for the kids, is Wet Felting!  Our homeschooling group got together with a new friend who has felted many beautiful things.  She invited us over and taught us how to wet felt!

The children made snakes, first by preparing a body and head out of pipe cleaners and then wrapping around pieces of coloured roving wool to make their snake design.  We then used hot water and dish soap to felt all the wool fibres together by scrubbing and massaging the snake.

After about seven minutes, we washed our snakes in cold water and rung out the soap.

Then towel dried them.

The Mommies needle felted on eyes and a tongue.

Our friends made some fabulous looking snakes!

We are loving our Waldorf projects over here lately.  I know we use a lot more modern way in some of our projects with hot glue and wire pipe cleaners and less sewing than what a real most natural Waldorf philosophy teaches, but I have a lot more needle felting project ideas in my head and Butterfly has many fairy ideas to design!  We will post more to show, soon!


  1. Wow! What a great round of activities! We are origami nuts over here- We make star suncatchers with tissue paper- and started them as a way to pass time in the hotel room. You have some intricate ones- They are very pretty!

    1. Tissue Paper is a very good idea! It's more transparent, the light would come through great on those. Do you have these posted on your site so I can see them Tricia?

  2. Lovely projects! Hubby and I have been thinking about sending DS1 to a Waldorf school in the fall. Lots of good elements to the Waldorf approach.

    1. Oh really Tanya? Yes, I love the schools. If Butterfly wasn't homeschooled, I would vote for a Waldorf school for her for sure :)

  3. I love your web page! It has so many wonderful preschool ideas!


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