Monday, April 2, 2012

Space Art

Since we're into our Space Unit right now, we decided to create some Space Art!


I pinned this cool art idea and thought we should give it a try and then build more from our creativity.

We gathered a black construction paper, an old tooth brush, and some white paint.  We placed the paper on a tray to contain the paint platters, although a shallow box would have been better.

Butterfly dipped the brush into the white paint and then used her fingers across the bristles to flick the white paint on into tiny splatters.  It then gives it this cool starry space effect!

Butterfly then found different sized circles and traced them onto a blank piece of construction paper.  These are going to be the planets.

 Butterfly picked her colours and got busy painting their planets.

We let the space and the planets dry their paint and moved on to the next project.
When I was making Butterfly her Space Lapbook, I used a bit of our Foil Duct Tape for some spacey silvery effect, so Butterfly had a great idea to make a silvery shiny moon! 

 On cardstock, I drew a moon with a Sharpie, and then gave the tape to her.  She cut and peeled pieces, sticking them onto the moon!

 When Butterfly finished covering her moon,

 I flipped it over and drew the moon outline again so she can cut it out.

 Here is her silvery shiny moon!

Next we made "twinkling stars".

I drew some stars on card paper, and Butterfly went to town with glue and glitter bottles!

Shake off the excess glitter and leave to dry!

Butterfly's projects drying.

When they were dry, Butterfly cut out her planets and sun and glued them onto her outer space background!

I helped Butterfly attach the glitter stars to her moon and added ribbons so we could hang it up on our School Room wall!

Check out this fun song that we have been singing, "Zoom Zoom, We're Going To The Moon!"


  1. Love the moon and stars mobile! I never thought to do splatter painting with a toothbrush. Great idea!

  2. Moon and stars are cool and will definitely have to be done soon in our house!

  3. Really great! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  4. What a wonderful idea, I'll be sure to try this with my daughter.
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