Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Photo Update

It's been a couple weeks since I posted, I thought I would write an update on what's been keeping us busy!  Here are some of our latest projects:

 Butterfly painted a beautiful bird house in hopes that a mommy bird will nest inside.

 Butterfly also painted some Spring plaster magnets that are decorating our fridge!

 We've had some Spring forest trail walks with our homeschooling friends.


Butterfly and her friends love feeding the ducks and geese at the pond.

 Butterfly and one of her closest friends visited a farm together.

 The girls enjoyed feeding the animals and seeing the new baby animals.

 Our family's newest adventure is Juicing!  My friends and I have watched some pretty amazing documentaries on health and food, and we're now into juicing!  We pack our refrigerators full of fruits and vegetables of all kinds (left photo is Week One and right photo is our Week Two),  and we juice them!


 My family and I have a huge mug of juice in the morning and one at dinner time.  I prepare a bunch of fruits and vegetables,

 stick them in our new awesome juicer, in which Butterfly loves to watch!

 And then comes out amazing drinks packed full of nutrients.  Even Butterfly and is downing these beauties everyday with us.  I feel so satisfied knowing that we are putting so much goodness into our bodies everyday now!

More Spring news, our Spring flowers are coming up in our front garden!

 We've also been having super fun with our friends, including one of friend's houses that had a bouncy castle in her basement!!  It felt like a party for sure!

 Butterfly designed her own bag, with just markers and canvas material.  This tote bag now carries around her favourite small toys!

 One of the things in Butterfly's Easter basket were packages of brand new stickers.  So Butterfly made a forest scene on a file folder and added in her forest animals, bugs, butterflies, flowers and fairies to make a beautiful picture.

 We have been reading about Spring as our sling shelf is now packed with books on Spring, Weather changes, and Beatrix Potter stories.

 Butterfly visited the veterinarian office with her Daddy to bring our dog in for her annual check up.  Butterfly learnt a lot there, so when she came home she was excited to be a vet as well.  So we set up her own vet hospital!

 Including a bowl of bones to give to her animal patients and stickers of course to give one to each animal on their paw for being a good patient during their check up! :)

Here Butterfly is giving a puppy a bowl of water after having his needle.

 And this is Butterfly's waiting room.  All the animals are waiting their turn.  Cute how she gave all the animals a chair to sit on and the people owners, the dolls, a seat on the floor.  :)

 With school work to be done, I have pulled out folders of awesome worksheets I have been storing up from all the fabulous sites online that offer free printables.

 We have printables in the areas of Phonics, Shapes, Math, Book Studies, and some Writing Practice.

Along with our continuous fun in a Gymnastics class, Ballet class, Karate, Forest School, Yoga, Homeschooling groups, Library Storytimes, being with friends, and being outdoors, we are busy bees!  We've been exploring, learning lots, and having fun together!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Muffin Tin Meal

Happy Muffin Tin Monday!  And Happy Easter!
Here's a special Easter lunch tin meal for Butterfly!

I made a bunny pita sandwich with strawberry cream cheese inside, chick pea salad, an egg shaped cheese, grapes with a bunny pick, cooked carrots with an egg pick, strawberry yogourt with candy sprinkles, pink milk, and two candy eggs for dessert!

I used Wilton Basket Cupcake Wraps for each muffin compartment to make little Easter baskets.

Butterfly loved her little pita bunny sandwich, I added on the eyes and nose with an icing tube.

I also used Wilton's Easter Muffin Cups inside each of the baskets.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Eggs, Stories, Felt Board poems

We had a fabulous time with our homeschooling friends today, we had an Easter party complete with an egg hunt!  Butterfly was in her glory!

Here are a few Easter egg learning activities Butterfly has been keeping busy with and all the stories and felt board poems we've been enjoying.

I took some plastic eggs and a Sharpie and wrote capital letters on the tops and their matching lower case letter on the bottom half of the egg.  I used egg cartons to store these.

We opened them all up and scattered them on a tray.

Butterfly found the upper and lower case matches and put the egg together, placing the finished ones back in the cartons.

Next, we did a simple egg counting activity.  I wrote numbers 0-5 on more eggs.

And I put out the correct number of pom poms on the tray.  Butterfly put 5 pom poms in the number 5 egg, and no pom poms in the number zero egg, ect.

Here is our Sling Book Shelf.  From our big bookcase I pick out books based on the learning theme or holiday we are currently working on, so this week we've had out all of our Easter books!

Here are some of our favourites!

Today is Easter!
Here Comes Easter Bunny
A Dozen Easter Eggs
Easter Parade
The Easter Ribbit

One of our felt board sets are Bunnies!  (I just printed out real bunny pictures on card paper, then laminated them, and stuck felt on the backsides of them.)

Here are some of our favourite felt board bunny poems that we say with our bunny set:

Five little bunnies standing by the door,
One hopped away, and then there were four.
Four little bunnies sitting near a tree,
One hopped away, and then there were three.
Three little bunnies looking at you,
One hopped away and then there were two.
Two little bunnies enjoying the sun,
One hopped away, and then there was one.
One little bunny sitting all alone,
He hopped away, and then there were none!

The first little bunny went hop, hop, hop.
I said to the first bunny, "Stop, stop, stop!"
The second little bunny went run, run, run.
I said to the second bunny, "Fun, fun, fun!"
The third little bunny went thump, thump, thump.
I said to the third bunny, "Jump, jump, jump!"
The fourth little bunny went sniff, sniff, snuff.
I said to the fourth bunny, "That is enough!"
The fifth little bunny went creep, creep, creep.
I said to the fifth bunny, "It's time to sleep!"

One little bunny,
Wondering what to do,
another bunny came along,
Then there were two.
Two little bunnies,
Hopping like me,
Another bunny came along,
Then there were three.
Three little bunnies,
Jumping around outdoors,
Another bunny joined them,
Then there were four.
Four little bunnies,
So fluffy and alive,
Another bunny joined them,
Then there were five.
Five little bunnies,
Ready for some fun,
Hopped away in the
Warm, spring sun.

'Hoppy' Easter!!

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