Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tray Work

Here is some more tray work fun in the areas of practical life, science, and fine motor skills.

Butterfly practised some more with her sweeping tray.

I mark a rectangle on the tray with tape and pour beads onto the tray.

Butterfly then sweeps the beads inside the rectangle, to "pile them".  A great way to teach the concept of inside and outside of a line, shape, or area.

Then Butterfly practises sweeping them all into her dustpan.  Great for eye hand coordination, hand muscle control work and a practical life skill.

Here is a water transfer tray for Butterfly.

I gave Butterfly different tools to transfer the blue water into the other bowl.  An eye dropper, a sponge, a syringe, and a turkey baster.

She discovered her favourite is the turkey baster because it transfered the water the fastest in greater amounts.

Another tray I had set up for her was a beading tray for more delicate fine motor skills.

Butterfly loves making jewellry so she made some pretty necklaces with her new star beads.  I tape one end down so the string is secure for her and the beads won't fall off the string.

Tray work is great for independent work and play while focusing and practising certain skills.


  1. Love this activity!! Where did get that cute broom brush?
    btw, love ur new header!!

    1. Thanks Roopa :) That brush and dustpan came with a kids' pretend cleaning set, it is the perfect size for her to practise with. Melissa and Doug have a really one here:


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