Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Space Unit

Our Homeschool Club have started our Space Unit.  
On this post, is the Lapbook I've created for Butterfly, Space file folder games, plus the books we are using, and the printable resources I used.

Here is Butterfly's Space Lapbook. I used three blue file folders to make it.

 On the back of the folder is a blast off count-down with number cards, learning to count backwards.

 This is the inside of the folder.

Two envelopes folded in half, holding number puzzles and pattern cards, closed with velcro.

 The top flips down.

There's another small flap in between.

It folds down too.

The top part folds up as well to reveal more activities.

In the middle of the folder is a pocket to hold all the additional work.

These are the worksheets that are held in the middle pocket, including these fun space song sheets!

 One of our file folder games is a Planets Shadow Match.

At the back of the folder is an envelope to hold all the laminated planet pieces.

Butterfly can match the planets on the shadows and learn the names of each.

Another file folder game is on Constellations.


Butterfly can match the constellation cards to the ones on the folder and learn the names.

These are our Space books we have.

The Printable Resources for the Lapbook are from:

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  1. Wish I had read your post for my son's birthday party last year! You have so many good ideas!

  2. Where did you get the space mazes from and the consellations for the matching game? We are almost done with our space unit and I would love to add these in. Thanks!

    1. Space Mazes are from here: http://www.busybeekidsprintables.com/Space-Printables.html

    2. I was pretty sure the constellation cards were inside the links I posted, but now I can't find them, I'll dig around a bit to try and find the source!

  3. You have collated so many activities to accompany your space theme! Wonderful!

  4. We are totally going to do a Space Unit this summer for our at home school! Thanks for the great ideas.

  5. What a great resource!
    Where can I find the picture with the rocket ship and the numbers. It is just what I need for my classroom.

    1. I've been going around all the space links I used, one of the sources is now unavailable so I'm pretty sure that's where the rocket ship picture came from. The count down number cards and envelope is from Homeschool Creations' Astronaut Pack: http://homeschoolcreations.com/astronautpreschoolpack.html

  6. Hi !!!! love it love it love it!!!
    how did you add all the extra pockets to your lapbook? can you post a video showing how?

    1. I would love to start video tutorials. One of my goals ;)


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