Monday, March 5, 2012

The Five Senses

Butterfly and I have been enjoying a Five Senses Unit with our Homeschooling group of friends.  We have a great group of Kinder-Girls and their siblings, and we take turns hosting homeschool group.  We love doing big unit studies together and the girls love doing their school work side by side in each other's homes. 

We found a lot of great worksheets and booklet sets on the 5 senses, free online.  So rather than trying to fit these into mini books for a Lapbook, I would just contain the work in a simple folder, which worked out great!  Here are all our worksheet resources for the 5 senses:

Body Movements - cutting and gluing.

Tasting Experiment sheets - We tasted all the foods listed in this pack as an experiment and the kids cut and glued their answers in the right descriptive taste category.

Things that make Loud and Soft Sounds- Hearing - cutting, gluing, sorting.

Which Sense? Fill in the blanks worksheet.

Touch and Feel - descriptive touching words.

We used the Popsicle Observation sheet  in this pack, one day we had a popsicle for snack and we recorded the 5 senses observations of a popsicle.

A Ton of Five Senses Printables! 

Here is Butterfly and her friend working on a Sight worksheet, they were drawing themselves using the mirror and their sense of sight!

I have been pinning a Human Body Study Pinerest board, over quite a few months, knowing we'd be doing this unit, and we've completed some wonderful experiments and games with these ideas.  Here are lots of those ideas:


Matching Easter Eggs- We filled our eggs with rice, pennies, marbles, pom poms, raw pasta, bells, glitter.  Making a pair of eggs the same, and making sure each sounds different from the other pairs.  Then we played Sound Memory Match, by shaking the eggs one by one by the ear trying to find it's pair!

Sound Balloons- add bells, dried beans, rice, and buttons, ect - guess the sound inside.

Concentration/Listening game- One child has his eyes closed, another friend is picked to whisper behind him, who's speaking behind you?  Or one child is blind folded, another friend shakes a shaker or bells in a part of the room, the blind folded child has to point to where the sound is coming from.


A Feely bag- Put objects into a bag with different types of feels, with no looking, the child feels and guesses an object inside the bag using descriptive words.

Tactile Matching Balloons- Fill unblown balloons with flour, sugar, beads, lentils, seeds, water, ect.  Make pairs of the same.  Child has to feel the balloons for the matching pairs!


Taste foods that are - bitter, sour, salty, sweet

List/write foods for each taste category.

Label a tongue and it's taste spots.


Sniff bottles or covered cups with holes in the top, filled with different spices, liquids, foods- smell each cup and guess the food item.

Decorate your Five Senses Folder with Scratch n sniff stickers!  I got a bunch of different Mello Smellos scented stickers from Michael's craft store!


Read and find in I Spy Books!

We have homemade I Spy Bottles, rice and tiny objects in a recycled bottle.  Name an object and the child has to find it by moving and shaking the bottle until that object appears.  Using their sense of sight to find.

I Spy Memory game- This uses sense of sight and memory.  Make a tray of objects, have the child study them and then have the child close her eyes or turn around so they don't see the tray anymore.  Then take one item away and hide it, ask the child to come back and look and she has to guess which item is now missing from the tray.

There are also lots of Fabulous Five Senses Books out there! 
We loved this complete set:


  1. Hi,
    I used the five senses materials and ideas to teach my 4 kids this subject in our mother language. They just loved it. Thank you for this concise reference.


    1. Thanks Dana for leaving me a message! You're absolutely welcome for the links :)

  2. Great unit! I teach first grade and will be using some of your ideas for a fun 5 Senses unit this week! Thank you so much for sharing!


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