Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ballet Unit

Butterfly has finished a little mini unit on Ballet.  One of her favourite subjects!  Especially since seeing the real Nutcracker ballet performance in December.

Butterfly decorated her Ballet Lapbook with stickers.

Inside the labook, I made a pocket to hold her work.

Here is some of the ballet work she worked on.

And this is a graphing game we played together.

I was orange and Butterfly was pink, we took turns rolling the matching die, and graphed what we rolled until one of the ballet items reached the top!

We counted with a ballet disc, and Butterfly marked the answers with our numbered clothespins.

Letter tracing and reading a ballerina story.

Butterfly loved colouring this ballet dancer sheet.

The Ballet Printable Resources I used for this are from:

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1 comment:

  1. Such a cute and fun theme! We're totally going to do this theme next week! Chyenne will LOVE it! Gotta pull out my "boy stuff" for Cohen to do too!


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