Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alphabet Review

We've completed The Letter of the Week twice through, and to end our recent session, Butterfly has completed some Letter Review Work.  Here is what we did.

Using our homemade letters tiles, Butterfly matched the letters on review alphabet pages.

We reviewed letter sounds with our Consonant Cards.

Letter Sound Activity Cards- using mini clothespins to mark the answers, which of the two pictures starts with the letter indicated on the card.

Marking the first letter sound for each picture card.

Matching upper and lower case letters with Alphabet Cards.

We have a file folder game box full of different learning activities that I have made for Butterfly, and the newest folder I have put together are Letter Mazes.

I laminated these with my laminator and used sheet protectors, so we can re-use them more than once with our wipe-off markers.

I also printed and sheet protected some alphabet dot to dot sheets.

We used more file folder games that reviewed the letters, including this Eric Carle caterpillar game, matching the lower case letter cards onto the upper case letters on the folder.

Here's another first letter sound file folder game that we reviewed with, using a wipe-off marker, filling in the hearts with the first letter sound for each picture.

This is a file folder game I put together where you can put the words in alphabetical order.  Butterfly looked at the first letter of the word and matched it up to it's letter on the alphabetical chart.

I have a set of clothespins that I wrote letters on, both in upper and lower case.  With these letter discs, Butterfly matched the upper case to it's lower case by clipping the answers on.

And on this disc, they are pictures, so we said the word out loud and Butterfly indicated what letter the picture started with, then clipped on the answer with the letter clothespins.

Butterfly circled the lower case to match the upper case in these worksheets.

We used a bingo dabber and our Alphabet Cards for this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom game.  I called out a letter and showed Butterfly the card and she had to find it on the coconut tree and dab it.

For lower case letters, I didn't show her the cards in this round, but only called out the letter.

These are all great alphabet review sheets from Confessions' K4 Curriculum pack.

These are great match up worksheets, where you match up the common beginning sound/letter from

And these are the review activities we've been busy with to review the letters and their sounds!


  1. This review is awesome! I can't wait to see what you do after this! Thanks for sharing your schooling adventures.

  2. Hi i'm a mother of one year old girl. your way to teach is super awesome.I really love it.

  3. WAouh! I'm a French teacher (Primary school) and I find your review absolutely fantastic! Great and simple ideas! Thank you!

  4. Just came across this site and I love it! Thanks for sharing. Also, where did you get adorable mini clothespins?

    Thank you

  5. I'm a tutor mainly helping 1st graders with basic reading, writing, phonics and math. I find your ideas creative, simple and so much fun! I plan to use your ideas to keep them motivated! Thank you so much! Your ideas are so much appreciated!

  6. wooooooooow,these are tons of great alphabet activities,can't wait to do them too,thank you

    Enjoy Teaching English

  7. Where did you get the pictures? Sometimes it is so hard to find decent pictures

    1. Everything is linked up on where I found the work. Just click on the hyperlinks.

  8. What a fantastic selection of resources. I was directed here from Pinterest. Sadly I am unable to download the consonant strips, it sends me to a blank page. I would love to have been able to use these.

    Lisa Warner

    1. Just click on "Consonant Cards" on my post here, it will bring you to Homeschool Creations' printables page, then click on "Consonant Cards" on that page and the pdf file will pop right up! I just checked and the link still works :) I hope it works for you!

  9. I am about to start teaching kindergarten after 12 years of 5th, 6th, & 8th grades. Thank you so much!

  10. You are amazing! Best resources I've ever seen! Also the only one I've ever commented on!

  11. great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Really I like these ideas! they are really good! thank you!


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