Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Labyrinth and Valentine's Painting

We have some more Valentine's fun to report!
Butterfly used her bucket of smooth river rocks from her Daddy, and her valentine heart gems to make a Labyrinth Love Path!

It got elaborate.

She took a marble and rolled it all the way through and back out, following the path.  I was amazed at her control, concentration, and persistence.

She then got her foam hearts and the path grew!

She used one of her mini dolls and walked her through the whole pathway of love.

Did I mention how I love how beautiful her mind works?

Recently, we wrote about our Woodworking Workshop that we attend, this is Butterfly's newest project, a Heart Box.

She took it home and painted it right away.  She picked red and pink for Valentine's Day.

There was still red and pink paint left over, so I grabbed a sheet of Finger Paint Paper, drew a large Valentine on it and she painted it red and pink with her fingers.

This girl has always loved finger painting!  Who needs brushes?!

Loving all the Heart Projects you've been linking up, awesome ideas for Valentine's Day!!


  1. The marble roll is so cool. I love that you can use the parts of it over and over againg to make new paths.

  2. Gorgeous photos and ideas. Going to pin this one.

  3. the labyrinth is beautiful. what a great activity


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