Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Line Copying Practise

Here are a couple of Line Copying activities that have kept Butterfly practising her writing skills.
We used our Salt Box for this pin that I found.

I made a cardboard-paged booklet on a ring of line designs that I drew.

Butterfly flipped through the book, creating each design shown, in her salt box.

She shakes the box slightly from side to side, it then clears the image and provides a clean slate for the next design.

Then she suggested to draw them.

She got a piece of paper and her markers, went through my booklet again, and drew each set of lines in the same way.

I made more free-hand "Copy My Line" pages for her.  (Laminated so she could reuse the sheets again, with her wipe-off markers.)

She drew the same kind of line underneath mine.

These are great activities to keep children practising their pre-writing skills.

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  1. This is a very neat idea! I think my 4 year old son would benefit from this activity - thanks!


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