Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter Y and Z Workboxes

Wow!  We have finished The Letter of Week curriculum for the second time now!!  Butterfly has done so well!  The skills she has learnt impress me.  She knows this curriculum inside and out now, she knows her letters and letter sounds, and her numbers!  I am so proud of her.  The foundation for Reading and Math is now solid.
These are our  Workboxes for  Letter Y and Z and Number 25 and 26 work.
To get the links and resources and to see the work in action, visit our Letter Y and Z week from last year HERE!
 Also, check out the books we read for Letter Z

Review cards, Sandpaper Tactile Letters for finger tracing, Y and Z sound with LeapFrog Fridge Magnets, practice writing Y and Z and numbers 25 and 26 in the salt box.  Using Y, Z, 25, and 26 alphabet wipe-off cards and number wipe-off cards.

Alphie the robot learning Y and Z, driving on Road Y and Z with a toy car, and using Play-doh to form the letters on the laminated Y and Z sheets.

Giant Push Pin poking Y and Z, and Bingo Dabbing Y and Z.

Sticking circle stickers inside the letters of Y and Z, and sorting capital and lower case Y's.

Spelling zebra with the letter tiles and a number practise writing booklet. 

Magnetic pom poms on a metal baking pan for the Y and Z circle sheet, and a Zebra puzzle.

Patterns sheets with cutting and gluing, and the Yarn Graphing booklet.

Counting how many balls of yarn activity, and sorting zebra and yarn cards into size order- from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest.

Clipboard printing practise sheets.

Letter Y and Z Scavenger Hunts, clipping the right amount of mini clothespins onto each Zebra number card, and two colouring sheets.

We did some extra printing practise on our white board in our school room, with the last letters that we have doubled up on.  Butterfly traced my letters and then wrote her own in the boxes.

Yay!  Another big accomplishment Butterfly and I have reached in our Homeschooling Journey together.  I have so much more planned, of course.  Our fun is never done!

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