Monday, February 20, 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye...

We have been learning about our Five Senses with our Kindergarten Homeschooling Group.  These I Spy Activities are great for focusing on the Sight sense.

We made these I Spy bottles from recyclables and uncooked rice.

Our I Spy Jars have little treasures in them.  I had found this idea from the Magic Onions.  I say things like, "Find me the yellow leaf" and Butterfly has to shake and move the jar all around, in all different directions, until it pops up from under the rice and she can see it! I have printed out a list of all the objects in each jar and placed it in a clear plastic sheet protector.  We use a wipe-off marker and check off the items in the list!  The list is then re-usable to play the game again another day.

I love the Where's Waldo? books.  You certainly have to use your sight to find that tiny Waldo among a page of peoples!

Butterfly loves her Disney Princess Look and Find books as well.  Each scene has a list of items/people to find in the busy pages.

I found this activity from No Time For Flashcards.

Butterfly dictated what she saw from each I Spy location as I wrote them down.  She loved this game!  (I'm laughing at the last item in the last location that I had to write down!)
We then we decorated the page with eyes of course!

Have you ever played The Missing Object game?  It uses Sight and Memory.

Make a tray of objects, have the child study them and then have the child close her eyes or turn around so they don't see the tray anymore.  Then take one item away and hide it, ask the child to come back and look and she has to guess which item is now missing from the tray.

Did you guess which item is missing from these before and after tray photos?  :)  You're using your sense of Sight!


  1. cute! I have a great idea for an edible I spy- and a printable-- I did months ago in preschool but I have yet to post it! You reminded me that I need to post. I love your blog!


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