Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hands-on Counting Activities

There are so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest!

We made the Counting Bears in a Bag activity.

I used our Three Bear Family Counters and placed different amounts of them in letter-labelled bags.

I made a laminated question sheet that can be used with a wipe-off marker.  (I always like to reuse worksheets so we can enjoy the activity more than once at different times.)
Butterfly and I read a question, she found the right bag the sentence asked about, she counted the bears in the bag (without taking them out), and then wrote the number answer on the question's line.

Another counting activity Butterfly enjoyed is with pipe cleaners and beads.

I added the tape numbers on top of the pipe cleaners and Butterfly had to count and put the right amount of beads on each.  Math and Fine Motor skills in the same activity.

Great idea from Kids Matter!

I made Lego counting cards.  Butterfly counted blocks and attached them to correspond with each number column.  Here she can see the physical rise from low number to a larger number.


  1. ~Such terrific ideas! I'm excited to try them with my son. :)

  2. These are wonderful!! I think I need to take breaks from themes to practice basic concepts like you have been doing with shapes and counting and opposites and things like that. I would love for you to come share these at WOTT!


  3. This is the best preschool academic blog I've ever been on. Can't wait to see your next post!

  4. just found your blog through pinterest. love all your ideas and I am following you on fb

  5. Awesome ideas!! We did Lego counting too :) love ur site!

  6. Great ideas. One additional thing to consider when using the Legos is to vary the colors a bit so that each stacking piece is a different color and orange is not next to green. That makes it easier for them to see the number of distinct pieces. By not having orange next to green, it is easier for those who may have a red-green color vision deficiency (color blindness).

  7. These are absolutely wonderful ideas!! Thank you for posting this.

  8. Super fantastic!


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