Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wood Working Workshop

Butterfly now attends a wood working workshop once a month at our local hardware store.  I am so glad she gets a chance to build with tools and wood! 
Recently she made a wooden money bank house.

Butterfly sports her own work apron,

and a collector's pin of her finished project.

When we got home, Butterfly painted her house.

Pink and purple of course!

When the house was dry, I gave Butterfly some coins to put into her new bank!

While at the hardware store, we picked up more tool materials for play, like this paint roller and pan.

Butterfly went around the house "painting" all surfaces, she was quite a busy bee! :)

We also picked up different sized nuts and bolts.

Butterfly had to find the right sized nut for each bolt.

Using her fine motor skills, Butterfly spun the nut to the top of the bolt and unscrewed them all afterwards.

I also decided to set up a hammering centre to have her practise the skill more.  I brought out my styrofoam ring that I had used for our Cake Pops and put it in a tupperware lid, with a package of golf tees and a small hammer.

Butterfly got to work!

I love the fact that Butterfly is learning new skills and now Butterfly is also in Karate!
Here are a couple of photos of her warming up with her black belt Sensei Daddy.  Her Daddy is so proud to now teach his baby his passion!

Now she's bugging me to try violin for music lessons... right after Mama joins a class too- "How to Grow a Money Tree"!  heehee.

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  1. This is great! I saw these photos on Pinterest and I need to go back and pin them- they are great Montessori hands-on activities! We haven't tried the local workshops but need to- Love the post!

  2. I love the styrofoam wreath idea and practicing fine motor skills & matching the nuts and bolts. Way to go Butterfly!

  3. Wow a busy and fabulous day. The money boxs looks wonderful and the foam wreath is such a good idea to practice on.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. Love it when we can introduce new skills to our kids! Love the nuts and bolts idea!

  5. Love the hammering center you made for her. I really want to make one of those for my little guy.

  6. LOL at Mommy taking a class to grow a Money Tree.

    We enjoy working with tools too especially hammers. I want to take some basic woodworking classes myself because nobody in our house is very handy. I can barely get a picture hung on a wall.

  7. I like this post because I feel it's so important for both boys and girls to learn how to use tools. Girls seem to get skipped over when learning about tools, it's so unfortunate. Great job on the bank Butterfly!

  8. I love these ideas! Great practical life activities! I really need to go to the hardware store!

  9. oh what a great post! Pinning it :))

  10. What great fine motor skills! My son would love this nuts/bolts activity. I am pinning it right now!

  11. Wow! These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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