Friday, January 6, 2012

Sorting Opposites

I put together some learning trays for Butterfly.  These trays focuses on Opposites, Sorting, Science, Description words, Analyzing objects, and Hypothesizing before preforming the experiment.

This is our Soft and Hard tray.

 Butterfly went right to it, dividing the soft items from the hard items.

Next, Float and Sinks.  
I used a big clear tub so it can be clearly seen if the objects will be floating or sinking in the water.

 I tried to find a variety of objects that will show both sides, plus Butterfly added in some more objects as she was curious to know if they were going to float or sink.

Butterfly was curious to see what would happen to the metal and plastic fork.  I had her hypothesize and guess what she thought might happen, before we threw them in the water.  She said the metal fork was heavier so it would sink and the plastic fork was lighter so it would float.  Pretty good observation on her part!  But alas, both forks sunk to the bottom! Strange, I really thought the plastic fork was going to float too!

 Her guess for the apple was right, she knows apples float from Apple Bobbing during our Fall celebrations.

Rocks sink!  Even pretty pink ones :)

 We made sure our observations in the baskets were correct.  Butterfly dumped all the items that sink, in the water.  Yep, there's nothing floating.

 Then we checked our work with the floating objects.  None of them sunk to the bottom!

Next up, another tray full of objects, to sort Weight!

We always read the instruction words first, emphasizing the first letter sound so Butterfly remembers what the word says.  Then she went right to work putting all the heavy objects on one side and light objects on the other.

I tried to trick her with a BIGGER lighter object- the sponge.  But her guess before touching the object was right on, no matter the size, she knew it was a light item!

Confirmation of some basic learning skills are always good to re-visit and builds a foundation for the more challenging work ahead!  :)


  1. These are great! Boogie knows a few opposites, but we have only done big and small on trays. I would love for you to come over and share these at my new linky party for trays (and bins and workboxes)!

  2. I LOVE this. I definitely want to try this with my daughter soon!!

  3. Thank you for sharing at WOTT! I am interested in trying some of these soon to see if Boogie gets it. He knows most of these words individually but we haven't tried comparing them yet. Hope to see you at WOTT again this week!

  4. I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  5. Found this on pinterest. Doinf this ASAP with my boys. Thanks!

  6. awesome ideas - thanks for sharing - we'll be trying some of these soon

  7. Great ideas - I especially like the hard and soft tray - thanks for sharing

  8. Outstanding! I came across this on Pinterest and, unfortunately, so often I open pin ideas and find loads of unrelated babble and little on truly practical applicable ideas. This is the absolute opposite! Thanks so much for some great ideas that I'll be getting onto right away.
    Eugenia Coy


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