Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowy Muffin Tin Monday!

Happy Muffin Tin Monday!
A Snowy Winter lunch today!

A mug of white milk, Snowman Carrot Noses, Cheese mittens, Whole Wheat Snowman Toast, and Mandarin Oranges.  The colour theme in this tin are complementary colours of blue and orange.  The snowflakes on the pan and the details on the snowman toast are done with Scribbler icing tubes.

The side snowman on an glass "icy" plate is made up of cucumbers and a mushroom hat with sunflower seeds for the stick arms and face.

I love it when Butterfly (who eats like a bird) gobbles up a lunch just because it looks fun!

These are our Snow books that we have been enjoying this month.
Butterfly loves it when I read her stories while she eats her lunch.

The Biggest Snowball Ever!

Last year, at this time, we did a Muffin Tin for our pet Dog's Birthday!  Today is our doggie's birthday again, she is 9 years old!!  Butterfly wanted to make sure we said Happy Birthday to her pet on our "website" again this year.


  1. What wonderful snowmen! I love your lunch!

    I dipped the tortillas in neon green food coloring and water.

  2. I love all your books and your sweet muffin meal too!

  3. Cute MTM! Love the snowmen! :)

  4. The food! Maybe you study Japanese obento lunch boxes that mothers obsess and compete over. Darling!

  5. I love the cucumber snowman and mushroom hat! Great idea! Looks like a fabulous lunch tin all around.


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