Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Nature Journal

We are loving our Forest School.  No toys, no lesson plans, no man-made climbers, no plastic.  Just back to the basics.  Just nature.  Hearing the crunching snow under our boots, listening to the woodpeckers, looking up and seeing all the small birds flying from one wind-waving tree to another.

We've been making new friends, and the kids together use their imagination immensely when playing in the forest.  They build shelters/ hide-outs of out sticks and fallen logs.  They use fallen trunks as balance beams and teeter totters together.  They have played restaurant, serving ice dishes to each other, and they've played construction, using ice blocks and sticks as tools.

Every week we are going to be taking a few treasures home and write about new discoveries from the forest in our Nature Journal.

Butterfly loves peeling white birch bark off, especially to help get a camp fire started with it.  So we took some bark home to keep and some pine needle branches that were already fallen on the forest floor.

We journaled, Butterfly drew a tree with "bark sticking out", and then we used the small pine needle branch as a paint brush in Butterfly's Art Book.

She taped some of her bark down as her trunk, and then painted a green top with her pine needle paint brush (while wearing fairy wings of course!).

She made her own tree using her nature treasures!

It's amazing how Butterfly plays "forest" in her imaginary play at home now.  When she is inside with her toys, she easily transports herself into a forest in her play.  Butterfly's Daddy found a jar of river rocks he collected as a child, from his Memory Box.  He gave it to her play with.  Butterfly lined up the rocks all through the living room floor to make a "Fairy Path".  She set up two lines of rocks beside each other, winding around the room, and then got her fairies and danced them along through the mazed path into their secret fairy house (which was under the furniture).  I love the way her mind thinks, and I wish I took a photo of her amazing fairy path.  I'm hoping she'll be setting it up again!

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  1. Pine needles make fantastic brushes! Thanks for linking up to the We LOVE Paint linky party over at PreKandK Sharing!


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