Thursday, January 12, 2012

All About Magnets!

I have lots to tell you about magnets!!  A lot of magnet activity ideas in this post today!

First of all, Butterfly and I have been having fun with our new magnet sets from

We love this Magnetic Match Rings set!

Each ring is magnetic, one side positive and the other negative. When you stack the rings, they either attract the next ring (snap together), or repel the next ring (push apart or cause it to float), creating a space in the stack. To Play: Select one of the 40 pattern matching challenges and stack the magnetic rings in the exact same colour order as shown on the card. If a card shows rings that are floating (not touching), your rings must also be floating. This game help develop visual matching skills and improve eye-hand coordination.  Magnetic Match Rings has been a fun way to learn about magnetism for Butterfly.

We also have been enjoying our new Horseshoe Magnet.

Using our Buzz Magnets Butterfly and her Daddy played a magnet game, where he put one of the magnets under the table moving around the other one on the table surface.  Butterfly used her horseshoe magnet to try and attract it and catch it!

Using our new Horseshoe Magnet, I decided to make a tray full of items again for Butterfly to find out which objects attract to a magnet and which do not.

Butterfly went to work and started sorting the lot with the two baskets.

We had her take guesses before trying out an object, to see if she thinks they are magnetic or not.  She knew that metal type objects would stick to her new magnet.

She even said the pipe cleaner attaches because there is a metal piece under all the "fur".  Smart cookie.

Slinky sticks!

We included a couple of coins, a copper penny and a nickel on the tray.  So when we were returning the items to their places after our experiment, Butterfly wanted to play with her Mommy and Daddy's change jar with her new magnet.  I said whatever your magnet can fish out, you can put in your pink piggy bank!

She loved this game!

Next, she played with her magnet sticks and magnet balls set.

She made some pretty big creations, and even talked about how one side of the sticks repel and one side sticks just like the magnetic rings.  She was really getting the hang of magnets having two sides.

A few other magnetic activities that we have enjoyed in the past, are:

We played Fishing For Letters!  Printed on cardstock, laminated, and cut out, a metal paperclip attached to each fish's nose, and we used our Melissa & Doug fishing rod from our puzzle to fish for letters.

When Butterfly caught a fish, she had to tell me what letter she caught, if she didn't know the letter she had to throw it back into the "ocean" (blue blanket).

To make your own fishing rod:  a stick, string, and magnet at the end of the string!

We also enjoyed Magnet Painting in our Science class.  The materials needed: A paper plate with paint squirted on, a metal paper clip, and a magnet!  With the magnet stick under the paper plate, move the paper clip through the paint!

We love our Alphabet Poster using our LeapFrog Phonics Magnets.  Match the lower case letters on top of the upper case on the fridge.

I asked my blogging friends to share their posts about magnets.
Here are their fun magnetic ideas:

Happy Magnet Fun!
May you have an 'attracting' good time!

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  1. Hey thanx for including me! Love this post! My son is going to LOVE doing these magnet activities... especially the horseshoe magnet!

  2. What fun activities. Thanks for sharing our marble runs well.

  3. lots of great activities and fun links. thanks. we love the look of the magnet matching game!!


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