Monday, December 19, 2011

More Christmas Activities

We've been enjoying more Christmas activities with lots of simple ideas and great finds from our local Dollar store!

Butterfly loves these Rub-on Transfers.

Colour the picture then rub on the characters to the scene!

We also enjoyed the Velvet Stickers.

Staying in the lines makes it easy with the velvet background.

Butterfly used her coloured stickers and additional Santa stickers from the Dollar store as well, to make Christmas cards for her friends!

We had also bought a pack of Rudolph stickers and with those, I made Butterfly a North Pole scene.  I glued two blue papers together to make it extra long for more scene room, and then cut and glued white paper for snowy hills.

The Rudolph stickers were also from the Dollar store, gosh I love that place!

In this next activity, I drew a big Christmas tree on Butterfly's easel.

I gave her green and yellow paint to paint it.

After it dried, I gave Butterfly a tray of ornament stickers and ornament foam stickers (also from the Dollar store!) to decorate her big tree with!

More beautiful art work!

This next activity is another cheap set, but from Michael's craft store.

It comes with Christmas beads and angel beads.

I set up a tray for her, and taped the end of the plastic string to the tray to help keep the string steady and to keep the beads from falling back off.

I got these nail stickers from the dollar store.

I painted Butterfly's nails bright red and then added on the Christmas trees, Butterfly wanted a pattern of green, white, green, white trees.  (She's gotten so good at patterns this year!)

How cute is that!!  I love having a girl!! :))

So many fun things to do during Christmas time!

Enjoy more Christmas activities and craft ideas that we loved last year!


  1. Fun stuff, we got a few of those crafts too!

  2. Her large painted and decorated tree turned out fabulous and those little beads are so cute. :-)

  3. You really found wonderful kits! I love your tree!


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