Monday, December 5, 2011

Letter O Workboxes

These are our  Workboxes for this week!  Letter O and Number 15 work.
To get the links and resources and to see the work in action, visit our Letter O week from last year HERE!

Also, check out the books we read for Letter O week! 

Review cards, Sandpaper Tactile Letters for finger tracing, O sound with LeapFrog Fridge Magnets, practice writing O, o and 15 in the salt box.  Using O and 15 alphabet wipe-off cards and number wipe-off cards.

Alphie the robot learning O and 15, and driving on Road O, and using Play-doh "snakes" to make a capital and lower case O on the laminated sheet.

A Numbers Practice laminated wipe-off booklet.  Colouring numbers 1 and 5, I also included Christmas tree stickers that Butterfly can use to decorate her numbers, then she'll cut out the 1 and 5 and glue them together on another piece of paper to make a fifteen.

Bingo Dabbing O, and using a Giant Push Pin on the carpet poking holes along the letter lines of the printed Oo sheet.

Spelling octopus in upper and lower case with the letter tiles, and an octopus puzzle to put together.

A cutting scissor-skill page, and a patterns worksheet.

Sorting large, medium, and small octupuses; and laminated number cards using new Christmas mini clothespins!

I found these cute Christmas clips from the dollar store. Butterfly will put the right amount of clips on each number dot cards.  And clipping the right number answer after counting the objects on the How Many Cards.

Clipboard printing practice worksheets using her fun Nutcracker pencil and a finger grip for proper finger positioning.

Graphing octopuses using circle stickers, counting octopuses activity board with cards.

A colouring page and the Scavenger Hunt game.

I'm keeping this week's workboxes simple and less crowded as we have lots of Christmas activities to enjoy this month!

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