Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

GOOD news:  Rockabye Butterfly is finally on PINTEREST!!!
I finally have been making some time to pin new ideas, as so many of you have been requesting for Rockabye to join!  I'm loving it and all the great stuff I am finding!  If you're on Pinterest, find me, so I can check out your boards too and pin and follow some more great ideas!  And if you're not on Pinterest (yet :)), you can use this site as a resource for lots of fun learning activities, as it's treated like a bookmarking site for so many!

Follow Me on Pinterest

If you want to see Rockabye Butterfly's blog work on Pinterest, and what other people have pinned from here, you can see this link HERE.

I'll be taking a little blogging break while my husband is off.  I'm really looking forward to my hubby being home with us everyday for almost 2 weeks!! We have lots of fun things planned for our family over the holidays with good friends and friends we haven't seen in awhile, so we'll be busy enjoying our time together.  December is always so busy with so many great festivities, activities, and fun-filled events as you noticed from the constant blog posts and Rockabye's Facebook page, it will be so nice to relax with my family and spend some more fun and comforting times with our friends!  We are also looking forward to a beautiful church service and get together party on Christmas Eve!  And if we do ever get a good dose of snow (our first snowfall melted) it will be Butterfly's first time sledding with a group of our great friends on New Year's Eve!!  Hopefully that happens for her as she is anxious to try sliding down a big snowy hill for the first time!  Another first that Butterfly will be trying next week, is real Bowling!!

Our family wants to wish you and your family 
a beautiful holiday season, and a very Happy New Year!!   
We wish you Peace and Love in 2012!

"I'll see you Next Year!"

Love, Rockabye Butterfly


  1. Happy holidays to you and butterfly!!

  2. LOVE your pinterest boards, you have so many good ideas! following you!

  3. Merry Christmas :)
    I wish happy holidays to you and to your family!

  4. Thanks Leptir for your pinterest link, you have lots of awesome stuff! Merry Christmas!

  5. Followed you over from pinterest :) love your blog!!! Thanks! Following you now too.

  6. Yay! I'm now following you!!!! If you hadn't messaged me I would have never have found your blog! ... and WOW, almost 300 GFC followers! That's awesome! I'm working on it...

    Oh, and FYI... it's not often that I find someone on pinterest and want to follow almost EVERY board!

    Looking forward to reading more!


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