Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Worksheet Folder

Butterfly has been working on her Christmas folder that I've made for her, with lots of fun activity sheets and Christmas work for her to work on.

Here's the inside of the folder:

Here's what we have:

Sorting sizes, using cutting and gluing.

Colouring, following the colour key.

Bingo Dabbing the tree following the colour coordinated letters, there are many pages of the same in this booklet, covering all the letters in the alphabet.

Colouring page and Counting booklet.

A variety of worksheets.

Dot to Dots.

Patterning- using the pattern cards, following the pattern strips.

12 Days of Christmas printing, colours and counting booklets.

Butterfly is so into Mazes right now, so I googled quite a few Christmas ones for her!

Christmas pack worksheets.

We'll be using our Bananagrams for these spelling cards.

Last year a good friend sent Butterfly these two Christmas activity books, we never got a chance to use them last year but have now been working on them during this month!

Let's Decorate Christmas Stickers book
Magic Paint Posters book

We'll also be reusing our Christmas Lapbook from last year and all it's hands-on activities inside it!

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