Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas-Winter File Folder Games

Butterfly has been enjoying her Christmas File Folder Games and Lapbook again this year.

This is a file folder I made to teach Butterfly to recognize the first letter of each word.

With velcro, she sticks all the B words at the B tree and all the C words at the C tree.
I taught her this last year, and this year, when I set it up for her, she did it automatically on her own, she knew right away to look at the first letter of the word to place it at the right letter tree.  Another proud moment for her Mommy-Teacher! :)

We also enjoyed our Christmas Lapbook from last year again together and all the activities inside it.

 I used two file folders, red and green.
A bow weaved up front to close the folder.

The back is a pocket for the extra worksheets that Butterfly has completed.

Inside the first red flaps, there is a colour booklet, The Animals with Baby Jesus, a Bible verse, a yellow envelope that holds the different Nativity scene sizes, and sorting Animals and People with laminated cardstock and velcro to take on and off.

Opening the green flaps...

A set of three mini books kept in the yellow envelope.

Numbered stockings, the second set laminated cardstock stuck on with velcro.  I take off all the stockings and Butterfly can match the numbers and "hang the stockings in a row!"

On the right side, there is the Christmas ABCs book, a manger scene that Butterfly put together with a sticker set, a Christmas Counting pocket with laminated counting cards.

On the left side, there are two more booklets, and a Christmas Shapes pocket with laminated Christmas shape cards.

Four more sleeps until Christmas! :)

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  1. Nice round up! I used the same snowflake matching file folder with my students! I made two different file folder games for matching winter items that I have as free downloads - check it out if you are interested! :)


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