Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party with Friends!

We had a fun Christmas Party Playdate at our house with some of our Homeschooling friends, so I'd thought I share one of the cute snacks I made for them and the craft I prepared for the party!

Here is an easy no bake snowman snack that I found on Pinterest.
Just powdered donuts with carrot noses and I used mini icing gel tubes for the eyes and smiles!  The kids loved these!!

I wanted to have a hands-on craft for the kids, but one that didn't require a lot of help or much messy glue.  So I pre-made Stockings, for "sewing" and decorating!

I cut out stockings, glued on a white top, then laminated the stockings for durability with my laminator.  I also tied on a Christmas ribbon to the top for hanging up.

I hole punched holes around each stocking and tied a green yarn to the first hole.  I used some strong plastic tape to tape the ends for a "needle", so it was easier for the children to get the yarn in and out of the holes.

 I put out a tray full of letter stickers so they could spell their name on their stocking on the white part.

And a tray full of Christmas stickers to decorate their stockings with!

 Here's Butterfly "sewing" her stocking, just like the lacing cards we've done many times.

 Here's Butterfly's all decorated!

Our friends got right into it!

Another fun day!  We love spending time with our friends!


  1. Great idea for the craft. My boys will be delighted to try this ;-) Thank you for the inspiration. BY the way the snowmen snack look so cute ;-)
    Warm hugs


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