Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Activities

Here are some of the Christmas activities that Butterfly has been enjoying.

I had cut out Christmas trees from green paper and glued numbered stars on top of them, then I laminated them to make them last.

I gave Butterfly the box of pom poms, and she "decorated" the trees with pom pom ornaments- but only the amount the star said on each tree.

In another activity, Butterfly got out all of our Christmas stamps from our Stamp Box and made wrapping paper!

We took out the stamp pads and paint.

Butterfly stamped the smaller ones with ink,

and the bigger ones with paint.

I taped down a big sheet of paper from a paper roll to her desk to keep it in place.  After it dried, we used it as homemade Christmas wrapping paper!

Butterfly made a separate piece of paper of the smaller ink stamps and then got her markers to colour in each of the Christmas pictures and characters.

Butterfly wanted to make a candy cane, so I drew her one on a piece of paper,

She then decorated it with "Rainbow Stripes" she called it!  She cut it out and hung it on her wall in her room because she wanted her room to look more "Christmasy"!  :)

I gave Butterfly a print out Christmas tree from Activity Village and a new set of ornament stickers.  She went to town colouring and decorating it!

She drew friends around the tree!  It's now hung up in our School Room.

My hubby and I showed Butterfly how to make Paper Snowflakes for the first time!

She loved opening up her design surprise each time!

Butterfly then decorated her Play Room with snowflakes all along the wall.  You can imagine what my walls inside my house look like this month! hehe, it's a beautiful Christmas Art Museum in here!

Enjoy more Christmas activities and craft ideas that we loved to do last year!

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  1. These activities look so much fun!!! stopping by from Thrifty thursday.


  2. I REALLY love the counting trees! What a fantastic idea to practice counting and number ID! Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!! Hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season!


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