Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sponge Painting with Numbers

Here is an art project Butterfly enjoyed doing.  It involves number recognition reinforcement, counting, and colour patterns.

I have the tray all set up with four paint colours and number sponges that I got at a dollar store years back.

Butterfly picks out the numbers in order, and paints them in row order from left to right.  Also, she has to remember to sponge the numbers right side up, and at the same time, she is patterning with 4 colours.

After a row is used up, she put the same pattern underneath, lining up the colours, while counting and putting the numbers all in order.  This is a lot to think about and keep track of all in one activity!  She did great at it!

We did have a backwards 9 though, but she picked it out and said "whoops!"  :)

And we all know Butterfly! She loves to get her hands in the paint, she is a Sensory Master Painter!

Learning and Art go hand in hand!

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  1. I love how this evolved from printing to paint play with hands!! Thanks for linking up to the We LOVE Paint linky party over at PreKandK Sharing!


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