Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shapes and Counting Activities

Butterfly has some new Shape and Counting activities this week!

I found this Shape Sort printable and made laminated shape cards.

I then went around the house and filled a tray with little trinkets of things that are the card shapes.

We set it out on the floor in front of the Christmas tree and Butterfly sorted all the trinkets onto the shape cards.  When she was done, we talked about which shape looked like it had the biggest pile and which shape had the least amount of things.  We concluded that it was easiest to find circular objects around the house than it was to find diamond shaped items!

I found these great Finger Counting printables as well, and made them into another Montessori activity tray.

Butterfly counted out  coloured popsicle sticks to match each number in each column.

I liked the hand signals for each number so much that I printed and laminated another copy and posted it on the wall in front of her desk.

Butterfly checking it out and counting along!


  1. itz, really a wonderfull method of teaching......!itz much easier for kids to learn....!


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