Sunday, November 27, 2011

Letter N Workboxes

These are our  Workboxes for this week!  Letter N and Number 14 work.
To get the links and resources and to see the work in action, visit our Letter N week from last year HERE!

Also, check out the books we read for Letter N week!    

Review cards, Sandpaper Tactile Letters for finger tracing, N sound with LeapFrog Fridge Magnets, practice writing N, n and 14 in the salt box.  Using N and 14 alphabet wipe-off cards and number wipe-off cards.

Alphie the robot learning N and 14, and driving on Road N, and building N's with our Bendaroos sticks on the laminated large N sheet.

Sorting capital and lower case N's, and making an N on the Peg Board with pegs and coloured elastic bands.

Using a Giant Push Pin on the carpet to poke holes on the lines of N to practice writing the letter, sorting the Nest cards in size order, a Pre-Writing Practice wipe-off booklet, and a nest-themed page in our Maze Book.

Spelling sheets in upper and lower case with the letter tiles,
using floral stones on each circle on the N is for nest page, and then we'll have more fun with the floral stones, Play-doh and golf tees and make little snowmen like we did in "More Christmas/ Winter Activities".

A cutting practice sheet, patterns sheet, and some "Same Size" worksheets from

Bingo Dabbing in the circles to make Nn, a nest puzzle, and a Shapes worksheet booklet from

Clipboard writing practice worksheets, and a number 14 worksheet from kids learning station.

Nest cards- counting the eggs in each nest and clipping the right answer with the numbered clothespins.  And we'll practice Rhyming Words with our Rhyming file folder games.

I printed out rhyming pictures and glued them inside the file folders.  Then I taped strings to one side of a row of pictures, and folded sticky velcro strips on the ends with the matching velcro on the other row of pictures.  Then Butterfly finds a rhyming pair and matches them up with the string.  Kind of like a worksheet where you'd draw a line to the answer when given two rows.

The last box has the Scavenger Hunt, a colouring sheet, and I drew Butterfly a nest and a couple of eggs and a hatched chick.  She can colour this page and then cut out the eggs and chick and glue them in the nest.

Happy N Week!


  1. I love your multisensory approach to working on letters.

  2. I saw this again on Pinterest and had to share it on my Early Learning Board.

  3. Awesome list and great ideas! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Fabulous ideas- I am just starting to implement the work box system to foster independence. Any chance you would share your rhyming cards used in your file folder games?

    1. Hi Marie! What I did was just Google searched those pictures, and printed them out, making my own rhyming pairs. But you have given me a good idea, maybe I can do this again and make a bunch of sets to share on my blog so my readers don't have to do all the work :) keep checking back!


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