Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy 1st Bday and Snow!

Happy 1st Birthday to Rockabye Butterfly!!!

I just realized that November 13th of last year, was our very first post on our site!
This year has been wonderful, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to homeschool my daughter and to be able to spend my days with my girl!  I am also so thankful for all the friends in our life and in our blogging world, and all the new homeschooling friends we are meeting! for supporting us, sharing creative ideas with us, and being the social support that Butterfly and I need! You have kept us quite busy in this last year, and that's the way we like it! :)

Now let's talk about today!  Overnight Jack Frost dumped us our first stay-on-the-ground snowfall here.  I moaned at the fact that I can't see my green grass anymore that we have enjoyed longer than usual this Fall, but lil' Miss Butterfly was extremely excited to see the snow and just couldn't wait to get outside!  But first Mama had to have her coffee! :)  So Butterfly's Daddy, on his way out to work, filled a bin with snow and made a mini snowman for Butterfly to play with inside, like a sensory bin, until we can get outside.  He's such a good Daddy!  Butterfly added some princesses and toys to her snow bin!

Last month I had bought a Halloween package of face picks that you use to decorate a face on a pumpkin.  But I wasn't going to use it for pumpkins, I had put it away until our first snow!  I thought this would be perfect for decorating a snowman! Instant silly facial features, as it's quite hard to find stones and sticks in a small backyard for a snowman's face.

 And this is our first snowman of the year!  A silly goofy big guy smiling at us through the window! Perfect!


  1. LOL! A spooky snowman with silly eyes. How fun. I don't like snow but I love snowmen! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. It sounds kinda fun having snow at Thanksgiving! (I'm a California girl, but we did get to experience that once when we were visiting family in Utah.)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Snow fun so early Thank goodness for warm homes

  4. I haven't seen snow at Thanksgiving in many years! What fun!!

  5. Love the snowman! There's nothing like having a snowman that has his own unique personality!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. What an incredible Daddy to fix a fun snow bin! Guess you could hide ABC letters in the snow and count it as part of your schooling for the day. :)

    I love, love, love the idea of using the pumpkin pics for a snowman.

    We haven't had snow yet, and it's doubtful we will get any. Middle GA doesn't get much snow which makes my DD sad.

    Looks like Miss Butterfly's homeschooling is filled with fun times thanks to Mom and Dad. Enjoy these precious moments; it's so true about them growing up fast.

    Jackie,Mom to a very active teenager who doubles as a bright right-brained learner.
    My Attempt at Blogging

  7. A snow bin! Wow. I'm thankful for sharing in your celebration of wintery delight!

    What a happy link to Alphabe-Thursday!

    I'm thankful you shared it with us.


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