Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Painting, Painting, Bath!

I gave Butterfly another opportunity to paint on different surfaces!

How about a mirror?!

First we must discover how cool a mirror is on the floor!

Then, let's slop some paint on it and add a brush!

Painting with a mirrored-image as the brush is moving.

Covering it up...

... and now scrap the brush and use the hands!  Butterfly discovered she can write on it by using a finger tip to scrape the paint away!

And then erase it by rubbing her hands all over the paint again!

Finger nail scratches of course!

Now, how about Window Painting!!  in Fall colours!

Butterfly loves to mix!

She ended up painting a Pumpkin!

Go nuts with the hands again!

Then we ended this messy painting evening with a cool GLOW STICK BATH!!!
(an idea from Pinterest)

Glow sticks in the water with the lights down low!

A soothing way to have a bath before bedtime and to wash off all that paint!

We re-used a salad dressing plastic bottle for bath and water play, so at the end of the bath, Butterfly used it as a vase for all her Glow Sticks and then put it in her room on her dresser to have them glowing all night long when she went to bed! :)

It's so fun to be a kid! :))


  1. I had never seen the glow sticks in the bath! That is so cool! I'm going to remember that! Looks like Butterfly had a blast painting! Cute!

  2. Great ideas! I'm going to try the paint on the window, that looks like a lot of fun. And glow sticks in the bath, my kids would love that.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. Looks like fun! We're going to try out the glow sticks idea :-) thanks for sharing, Kelly

  4. wow you are such a fun mom. I love both idea. Thank you so much sharing and for linking up to our party Show and Share this week! Come on back this Wednesday to link up your current projects.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  5. This looks like so much fun! I love how the painting evolves with little or no limits! Thanks for linking up to the We LOVE Paint linky party over at PreKandK Sharing!

  6. FOund you via your comment at Learn With Play At Home... this is wonderful - I love how she explored putting the paint on and off and using her hands/fingerprints differently.


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